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Document Imaging & Records Scanning - Scan and digitize new information and/or convert existing records to electronic filing.

Our Document Imaging and Records Scanning Services will completely transform your organization's capacity for managing, storing and securing the escalating volume of documents generated in the course of your business activities. Do you need to merge and import pre-existing paper files to electronic format? We can scan and digitize new information, or convert pre-existing documents to PDF format, allowing you to reduce your document volume and storage needs, without diverting costly staff time from your core business activities, or an expensive capital investment.

Optical Character Recognition – Converted electronic files can be searched by name, number or keyword.

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software is an advanced solution for indexing and archiving your confidential information in a way that maximizes your ability to search documents and access the specific information you need. Converted files are indexed in accordance with your current file management strategy and digital documents can be searched by file number, address, name or keyword. In the event that a digital conversion of all of your business documents is not be a cost-effective solution or a prudent strategy for rarely accessed documents, we also offer our clients an Scan-On-Demand file conversion service. 

Scan-On-Demand – Convert only the files you need, when you need them. 

Access Records also provides our clients with a Scan-On-Demand service that allows for the secure storage and management of paper files and digital conversion services for only the files you request on an as-needed basis. With our Scan-On-Demand service, both the file request and the return of scanned files can be facilitated electronically, allowing for lightning fast access to your information without the wait times of having files couriered back to your business premises. Our Digital Imaging and Scanning services are available in greyscale or color so even your photos can be converted and stored.  The team at Access Records is trained to efficiently prepare, scan and indexing your files, with a focus on getting your information converted and returned to you quickly.  



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