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Secure Shredding

Secure ShreddingDo you tear up junk mail/correspondence that has your information on it before you trash it to protect yourself from identity theft? If you are putting it all into the same container you are barely making it hard for someone to collect that info.

Even a strip shredder which merely cuts your documents into long strips adds considerable effort that will help deter information theft but even if you placed a handful of documents into a strip shredder it's still reasonable for someone to sort out the strips and get the original information.

A cross cut shredder helps make destroyed documents even harder to re-assemble but even this method leaves pieces that can be taped together if they are not mixed into other random documents.

When you hire a professional shredding company like Access Records you are not only getting certified shredding and document destruction, you are getting the peace of mind knowing that your documents will be destroyed and the pulp will be completely recycled by trained professionals.

Chain of Custody Process

Keeping your information secure at all times is our highest priority. Access Records has a variety of flexible document destruction services that fully comply with the current legislative standards.

Not only do we offer onsite pickup services to eliminate the possibility of insecure access during transport, we also have lockable document bins to help with securing the initial collection process.

If you require your document disposal to be in a public visible space, Access Records has secure executive style cabinets available if needed.

Certificate of Destruction

Safeguarding your secure documents and ensuring the documents are fully destroyed provides assurances for both information privacy & client security. 

Access Records provides its clients with a certificate of destruction explaining the date and time of the shredding service which is a valuable record of compliance for businesses dealing in secure information.

Security Standards

Access Records staff are fully bonded with thorough background checks prior to hiring. All our employees understand the need for confidential and secure shredding of your documents.

Our buildings have:

  • 24/7 intrusion monitoring & alarm services
  • Closed circuit video surveillance
  • Key-card controlled access points
  • Double perimeter fencing

Access Records is constantly reviewing processes and improving our security standards whenever we see the opportunity.

Recycling of Shredded Documents

After documents have been securely destroyed the resulting paper pulp is very easy to recycle and Access Records strives to recycle 100% of the remaining paper pulp to protect the environment and save trees.

Access Records also has cardboard destruction containers available for clients who are eager to reduce their footprint and make use of recyclable materials.

Document Shredding Capacity

Our onsite shredding services can be scheduled to ensure that your documents are not piling up waiting for safe shredding & destruction.

Access Records is very flexible and we can even arrange unscheduled pickups of documents to ensure we empty your bins each time we are in your area.

For larger clients we have 100lb & 200lb bins that are lockable for added security.