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What will the future look like for corporate record-keeping? Will digital records exist in a cloud? What does that mean to the integrity and security of sensitive information? Access Records and Media Management is dedicated to riding the wave of new technology and tracking the evolution of the records management industry in order to better meet our customers’ needs.

PRISM European Information Management Conference

Late last year, our Managing Director Gail Gordon had a fantastic opportunity to meet with world players in the record keeping industry. Travelling to Barcelona, Spain, she attended the 2015 PRISM International European Conference, which was attended by industry leaders from as far away as South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. PRISM International is a not-for-profit trade association for the global information management industry.

The European conference sessions included topics such as trends in the document and information management industry and the impact of technological innovations.

“It’s exciting times for our industry,” said Gordon.


“Attending the conference offered a broader perspective which will add to our long-range plan for our business here in Canada. It is so important to stay current.”



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